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After James had reached out to me to help with his branding process and designing his logo we shifted our focus to main project – building his website. James expressed interest in a few renovation websites that had features he wanted to have recreated for his website. He also expressed the importance of being able to add content by himself without me holding his hand every step of the way.

For these reasons I deducted a WordPress based drag and drop editor would be the best tool for the job. This would allow me to create the necessary modules required for the webpage layout and then James could easily add his content later on. Once I created the skeleton of the webpage layout and had built a template for showcasing content my client was already adding their text and images by the second and third weeks.

Extremely pleased with the user friendly design and lightweight flexibility this platform offers, my client had no problems navigating their websites interface and adding the finishing touches to their website. Since then I have recommended using the same drag and drop platform for building websites with several of my other clients.


Start Date:  March 2017

End Date:  TBA

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