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In the early spring of 2015 I was contacted by a married couple named Monica and Rayda to help them finishing building an online store for their art and car racing memorbilia. Monica and Rayda were both brokers and already had several of their websites online but they needed me to expand their product inventory and organize it. I was using multiple E-commerce platforms on a regular basis (Big-commerce and volusion come to mind) to manage their category databases and organize thousands of products.

My biggest challenge with this project was having to pick up where someone else left off on multiple occasions and trying to find the quickest workarounds while learning new platforms and frameworks more than I normally would with most clients. It challenged me a lot and taught me about how powerful E-commerce platforms can be when chosen for the right job.

By the end of the project I had already added over several thousands of items to more than one of  their online catalogues, added SEO parameters refrencing each product and category, added an SSL security certificate for encrypted end-to-end user communication and helped them with a variety of on-site tasks in their exotic vehicle showroom!


Start Date:  February 2015

End Date:  June 2015

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