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I met Graziano, the owner of Cucina Locale in the beginning of September 2012. I spent that previous summer working at a restaurant in Toronto who had the same managers at a restaurant in Montreal that Graziano had worked for before opening Cucina. We started to hit it off over some tasty veal sandwiches before he mentioned to me that he needed a website.

Intrigued at the opportunity, I had some very basic web design experience at the time from some courses I had taken in college and thought this would be a good way to make some extra money. However Graziano didn’t set the bar high for this project. He had an extremely small budget that he wanted to work within and while I could have put more effort into creating something that looked more professional he didn’t want to pay for the extra costs that might entail.

The most important feature to the client was having a menu page and contact form with a business email address he could respond to requests from his computer and that I help with creating his written content.

I learned a lot working on this project and it was a very good first experience at creating websites and working with clients.


Start Date:  September 2011

End Date:  October 2011

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