Logo Design


Final Editing

James reached out to me through social media that he was starting his business and needed help with his branding process. After mentioning he had started to design a logo himself using Microsoft Paint and myself being aager to start a new project I asked him to send me what he had so far. A few minutes later in my inbox I recieved the image above that read ‘design build’ at the bottom and was about 100 pixels in width and height.

I immediately began designing the base foundation shapes, creating two folders for my black and orange polygon shapes I was going to be creating. I started by creating the outline of the shape using two orange rectangles and one black rectangle. Making sure they were evenly aligned first, I then added two inner black rectangles with black traingles at the tip. Once that was done I could easily draw the orange shape that ran parallel to the gap. I then added the white lines and text and forwarded an email to the client. Within the first night I already had completed the first draft.

After talking to James he told me he wanted to try more of a gold color and space the lines closer together in the object. This process was prolonged over the next week as I created several logos with alternating shades of yellow, orange and gold. Then I was asked to create a metallic finish effect that would look appealing on the business cards. To do this I found an HD photo of gold texture online and I replaced the entire layer of the ‘M’ shape with the photo containing the gold texture.

Although my client was very satisfied with this design, they ended up using another design before we moved forward to building their website.


Start Date:  March 2017

End Date:  March 2017