Design Replication


Primary Logo


Secondary Design

Last year a designer was referred to me through a mutual friend. He was looking to replicate some designs he created in photoshop that he wanted to use as a logo. I was hired to replicate both hardcopy logos he had designed on pen and paper in the bottom left photo. My approach was extremely simple and effortless. I created the first logo that was only the symbol outlined as design ‘A’ in the rough draft. Once I had created design ‘A’ I then made a backup and added the cursive font to replicate the agency text to create the second design.

This project took no more than a couple hours to complete. Although I did not necessarily find this project difficult, one thing I learned was that if I had designed this graphic using vectors in illustrator instead of pixels in photoshop the text would scale better at smaller and larger resolutions. However, I never recieved any negative feedback from the client and they were very satisfied with my design.

Start Date:  May 2016

End Date:  May 2016